Prof. Brian CHENG

Prof. Brian CHENG

Prof. Brian CHENG

Personal profile:Prof. Brian CHENG

He is a doctor of Literature from Taiwan Normal University. He is currently a professor in the department of Religion at Fu Jen University.  

He is a visiting professor at the Institute of Religion of Sichuan University, the Institute of Religion of Xiamen University, the Institute of Religion of Huaqiao University, and the School of Philosophy and Religion of Minzu University of China.  

He was dean of the School of General Studies, director of the Center for Religious and Cultural Studies, University of South China, professor of the department of Chinese literature, Tamkang University, and director of the department of Language education, Chayi Normal College.  

He specializes in Chinese religious philosophy, folklore and mythology. In recent years, he focuses on the subjects of religious life and death, medical theory and folk belief theory.  

He has more than 50 kinds of books, such as “The Origin of Religious Myth and Worship”, “Religious Medical View and Life Education”, “Religious Myth and Witchcraft Ritual”, “Taoist Life-and-death”, “Folk Life-and-death”, and “Taoist Spells and spells”.