Lecturer. TAN Thye Hock

Lecturer. TAN Thye Hock

Lecturer. TAN Thye Hock

Personal profileLecturer. TAN Thye Hock

He is a calligraphy teacher at Singapore Taoist College.  

In 1995, he learned Yan-Style regular script from teacher Wong Kok Liang, a deceased calligrapher.  

In 2002, he served as the calligraphy tutor of the People’s Association and several people’s clubs and schools.  

In 2007, he joined the Singapore Calligrapher’s Association and became a lecturer at the Singapore Calligraphy Centre.  

Over the years, he has often been invited as a member of the national calligraphy competition.  

His works have participated in various domestic and foreign art exhibitions and overseas exchange exhibitions, and have been purchased by Singapore Land Transport Authority, Public Utilities Bureau, Ministry of Human Resources, ministry of Environmental Development.