Taishang Xuanmen  Scriptures

Taishang Xuanmen Scriptures

Taishang Xuanmen  Scriptures

In Taoism, lectures are divided into three parts. The “Morning Scriptures” during the hour of Mao 卯signifies purity and clarity, aiming to pray for national prosperity, repent sins, and establish connections with immortals. The “Evening Scriptures” during the hour of You is for the salvation of souls, establishing connections with ghosts. The “Midday Scriptures” recites the Three Officials’ Scriptures, bestowing blessings, averting disasters, alleviating hardships, and pardoning sins, fostering connections with people. The importance of reciting scriptures for merits is evident. Daoist Master Feng Xin, a resident high-ranking master of Baiyun Temple in Beijing and a lecturer at the Nan Yue Kun Dao Institute, will explain the morning and evening practices of Taishang Xuanmen Scriptures, which are two classic scriptures that Taoists must recite daily and are fundamental for Daoist learners.

Lecturer: Master Feng Xinjiao

Date: 02/06/2024-16/06/2024

Price: $100/person/8 lessons

Address: 15 Arumugam Road S409960 4th Floor

Contact No.: 62320028 / 93732521(WhatsApp)⁣