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San Qing Taoist Library

San Qing Taoist Library was founded in 2008, is the first local library which place Taoist books as its main collection. The objective of the library is to promote Taoist knowledge and culture to the public by providing Taoists books and audio-visual facilities.

Currently, the library has a collection of nearly 5000, including publications and audio-visual on Taoist Classics, Taoist philosophy, history, literature, arts and other books that are related to Taoist, including Chinese medicine, geomancy, folklore, divinations and so on.

In addition, commemorative issues and Taoist journals published by organizations and temples from home and abroad, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan enriched the collection of the library too. Documentary of Taoist events, seminars and courses organized by Taoist College (Singapore) and Taoist Music CDs also make a great contribution to the audio-visual collection of San Qing Taoist Library.

San Qing Taoist Library is open to public.

Opening Time

Everday 9:00am – 6:00pm

Address:21 Bedok North Ave 4 Singapore489948 San Qing Gong,2nd Floor

Tel:6449 2115 Fax:6449 0191