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Taoist College (Singapore) Institute is committed to promoting Taoism by organizing seminars and courses on a regular basis, so that the Taoists have the opportunity to listen to the speech grateful to master and explore the mysteries of Taoism. Since its inception, it has been successfully held a number of short courses and the "Cultural Forum". In 2010, Taoist College offered "One-year Taoist Cultural Courses" for the first time, to fulfil the need of the society in understand the Taoist cultural.

The course was offered by Taoist College in 2010 for the first time. It is the only local Taoist culture courses. This course particularly engaged scholars and senior lecturers from home and abroad to teach Taoist history, philosophy, arts and science teaching apparatus and so on. The course is divided into two kinds of all elective and part of the draft, the former student must attend within one year of completing all the specified courses; the latter is free to choose subjects

Taoist College (Singapore) regularly invites experts and scholars to give short courses on various topics such as philosophy, Taoist health preservation, history and legends of deities, Taoist literature, and Taoist classics and so on. Each short courses last for 6 days, with 3 hours lecture each day.

Seminars and Talks

This cultural forum is a public talk on specific Taoist and Taoism topics, which usually last 2 to 3 hours. So far, Taoist College (Singapore) had organized at least 10 lectures on topics including Taoism health preservation, Taoist medicine, Taoist philosophy and etc.