【July 2019】

1. College Name: The name of the institution is “新加坡道教学院”,and the English name is ‘Taoist College (Singapore)’.

2. Registration Status: The Taoist College (Singapore), ROS 1079/2007, was approved by the Registry of Societies in January 2008 successfully, becoming the first institution to carry forward and improve Taoist culture.

3. Mission and Objective: Taoist College (Singapore) is funded by the San Qing Taoist Cultural Center and co-organized by the Taoist Federation (Singapore); and is also supported by Taoist groups, Taoist research scholars and Taoist fellows from Singapore and abroad. Taoist College (Singapore) adheres to the principles of national legislation and religious harmony, teaching based on Taoist doctrines. Aiming to pass down the Taoist faith and promote Taoist culture, we provide high-quality Taoist courses for Taoist believers and Taoist culture enthusiasts in the local and other surrounding areas.

4. Curriculum Provision: Taoist College (Singapore) offers four to five Taoist culture courses each year. One month before starting a new course, we will notify the course title and time on the website, Facebook and bulletin board. The courses cover Taoist classics, philosophy, health and wellness, divinity, doctrines, etc. At the same time, we offer occasional lectures on Taoist culture or other topics related to Taoist culture.

5. Academic Regulation: All the courses are part-time. Taoist believers and Taoist culture enthusiasts can choose to enrol in the courses they are interested in without attending all of them. At the end of each course, our College could provide a certificate of completion for participants.

6. Admission Condition: Courses and lectures are open to all the people in Singapore, regardless of religion or race. Participants are expected to be of good conduct, respect our teachers, abide by Singapore laws and uphold Singapore’s religious harmony policy.

7. Scholars and Taoist Master: Taoist College (Singapore) employ famous Taoist masters and scholars from home and abroad to open courses and lectures. All teachers are employed on a part-time basis. All teachers must abide by the laws of Singapore and the principles of religious harmony and must not make any discriminatory or prejudicial remarks of a religious nature while teaching at the College.

8. College Organization: Taoist College (Singapore) has a Dean, several Vice Deans, an Academic Director and an Administrative Director.

9. College Address: Taoist College (Singapore) is located at 15 Arumugam Road, 4th Floor Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple Association Complex Administration Building, Singapore, S409960.