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2022 Intermediate Calligraphy Class 2

The new Intermediate Calligraphy Class of our hospital will start on June 4, 2022. For details, please refer to the poster.

Mission and Vision

  • Promote, facilitate and encourage better and closer communication, coordination, cooperation and understanding among various Taoist groups and believers in Singapore.
  • Promote, organize or fund educational, seminar, cultural, social and other activities to enhance public understanding and awareness of Taoist culture and traditions.
  • Encourage, fund or conduct research related to Taoist culture and traditions.
  • Donate to charity or charitable activities regardless of race or religion. Carry out charities and any activities that benefit the people.
  • Complete the above mission, or carry out activities related to and beneficial to the above mission, as conditions permit, with the approval of the appropriate authority.

Past Courses and Activities

Reading Featured | Good Books Are Not Missing

Classic books, original course videos, limited stock. If you are interested, please go to Singapore Taoist Institute to buy it.