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Meridian Health Care

Speaker:Liu Yingjiao(Ms)

Topic: Meridian Health Care

Time: 14July-8August,Every Monday and Thursday,7:30pm-9:30pm

Address: Singapore Taoist College,4th Floor,15 Arumugam Road,S4099060

Singapore Taoist Institute launched the latest course – “Meridian Health Care”
Meridian health care is simple and easy to operate, with no side effects and low cost. This course will introduce you to the concept of meridians, their routes and physiological functions, commonly used acupoints for health preservation, and how to maintain health through meridian acupoint massage. You will know the unique theory of meridian and acupoints in traditional Chinese medicine, master the simple methods and techniques of acupoint-finding, learn about the maintenance of the heart, lungs and spleen, ear and nose maintenance, constipation regulation, weight loss and cellulite reduction, anti-aging, sleep aids and soothe the nerves, dampness-removing knee pads, tendon massage, Knowledge of foot soaking and health care.