Prof. ZHANG Qin

Personal profile:Prof. ZHANG Qin

He is a doctoral supervisor and doctor of Philosophy. He is also the deputy director of the Institute of Taoism and Religious Culture of Sichuan University, the director of the Taoist Health Culture Research Center of Sichuan University, the council member of the Chinese Religious Association, and the standing council member of the Chengdu Taoist Association.  

He has been invited to Harvard University, Boston University, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey and other countries, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and other regions and many universities in China for exchanges, visits and lectures.

His main research areas are Chinese Taoism, health care and religious psychology. He has undertaken nearly 10 national major projects and various research projects. He has published two monographs and more than 40 papers.  

He is both a scholar and a practitioner in the field of Taoist health preservation, and has more than 20 years of practical experience in taijiquan, Qigong and other health preservation techniques.