Prof. WANG Yi'e

Personal profile:Prof. WANG Yi’e

She is the deputy director and researcher of the Research Office of the Chinese Taoist Association, the deputy editor of the journal “Chinese Taoism”, and a professor of the Chinese Taoist College. Her main works include “Taoism and Art”, “History of Taoist Art”, “Chinese Taoism”, “An Overview of Chinese Religions”, and “General Theory of Sinology”, etc.  

Published papers have the “Longshan Grottoes Statues of Shanxi Province “, “Zhuang Zi’s Aesthetic Thoughts”, “the Taoist Temple Architecture”, “Beijing White Cloud Temple Taoist Cultural Relics”, “the Taoist Art Across the Pacific Life Test”, and “Thought of Chen Tuan View Point of Taoism”, “Guan Di belief of Han nationality”, “ the Chinese people Worship Zhenwu Emperor”, “De Jiao Nanyang Chaoshan Society”, “the South China Sea Island Countries of Taoism” and so on.