Prof. CHEN Yaoting


Personal profileProf. CHEN Yaoting

He graduated from the Chinese department of Peking University in 1963. 

He is a researcher at the Institute of Religion, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and served as deputy director and director.   

He was the director of China Religious Association, the director of Shanghai Religious Association and the member of Shanghai Social Association. Co-editor of “Selected Books of Taoist Chiefs (10 volumes)” and “Books of Tibetan Taoism (36 volumes)”, chief editor of “Taoist Rites (Hong Kong edition)”, “Taoist Rites”, “Taoism in China”, “Taoism Abroad”, co-editor of “Chinese Taoism (4 volumes)”, “Taoist Health Maintenance”, and “Taoism · Immortal · Man”. He has published papers such as “On Religious System” and “On the Structure of Taoist Doctrines and Thoughts”.  

He has visited Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and has been engaged in long-term research work at Kyoto University and Tokyo University in Japan.