Dr. WANG Chi

Personal profile:Dr. WANG Chi

He holds a master’s degree in history from Shandong University and a doctor’s degree in religion from Nanjing University.  

He serves as the vice provost of Shanghai Taoist College, a researcher of Maoshan Academy in Qianyuan, Jiangsu province, and a researcher of Zhongwutai Taoist Culture Research Center in Shaanxi Province. He loved traditional Chinese culture and practiced Taoist kung fu since childhood.  

Now he is mainly engaged in the collation and research of Taoism philosophy, classics and Taoism cultivation.  

So far, he has written and published dozens of academic papers on Taoism, attended Taoist academic conferences for many times, and was invited to give lectures in Mount Wudang, Maoshan and other Holy places of Taoism.