YE Changqing

Personal profile :He has an MBA and works in finance. In 1992, he became a member of Qingsong Taoist Temple in Hong Kong. In 1993, he became a student of Hou Baoyuan, the Taoist chief, and learned the Jingchankeyi. He also studied with Chairman Min Ji-jeong and Governor Mak Byeong-gi. In 1993, he participated in the first cross-straits jiao Festival and served as a highly skilled master. He served as a consultant to many imperial temples and as a volunteer official in semi-official organizations. He is responsible for planning a number of large-scale Taoist ceremonies and temple culture homestay activities. He has been a director of Hong Kong Taoist Tsing Song Koon since 1993. Currently, he is the vice chairman of the board and vice president of The Hong Kong Taoist College, director of the Hong Kong Taoist Federation, member of the Development and Culture Sub-committee of the Hong Kong Chinese Temples Committee and other voluntary public officials.