DING Changyun

Personal profile :Jiangsu native, master of Management. In March 1986, he entered Taoism and was taught by Chen Liansheng, the master of Taoism. Currently he is the 12th national committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, vice president of the Chinese Taoist Association, president of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Taoist Association, and director of the Management Committee of the Shanghai Qinciyangdian Taoist Temple. He is the author of “Promoting Taoism and Promoting Goodness: Taoist Ethics and Its Modern Value”, “Commentary on The Taishang Induction Section”, etc. Co-authored “Qinci Yangdian and Dongyue Belief”, etc. Participated in editing the “Dictionary of Chinese Taoism”, “A Summary of Chinese Academic Masterpieces (religion volume)”, etc. He is the chief editor of “Pudong Taoist Music Collection”, “Pudong Taoist Yearbook”, etc. And wrote more than 80 Taoist college research papers.