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Singapore Taoist Archives

Although Singapore is a tiny island, there are a lot of Taoism temples, among which, there are quite a few with hundred years of history and plenty of stories. However, as time goes, more and more young Singaporeans are getting unfamiliar with Taoism. Taoism is the carrier of Chinese culture and it is everlasting after thousands of years. In the present Singapore, the development of Taoism is uprising. Singapore Taoist College wishes to provide a window for non-Taoist and researchers to understand Taoism better, in addition to its mission of grooming Taoism talents. Therefore, the Singapore Taoist Archive is specially set up to collect local Taoism information and discover local Chinese folk culture. If you have interest or did research in this field, you are welcome to provide the information to us. You can also come to our archives to search for Taoism documents, newspaper clips, and the published articles by temples in South East Asia. You are also welcome to participate in the discussions on the Taoist Forum.