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Lecturer - Prof. Chen Yao Ting

Professor Chen Yaoting is born in Shanghai, China in 1939. He graduated from the department of Chinese of Beijing University. Prof Chen was a researcher, vice head and head of the Religious Research Institute of Shanghai Social Science Institute. He was a director of Shanghai Religious Academic Association and a committee member of Shanghai Social Science Union. He currently serves as the visiting researcher to Sichuan University, consultant to Shanghai Daoist College, consultant to Singapore Taoist College and etc. He has contributed to the structural research on the general theory of religion and Taoism, Taoism rite and Taoism Spiritual Study, which attracts the attention and focus within the international academic field.

Teaching subject: Introduction to Taoism Spiritual Study,2015

Lecturer - Prof.Hsiao Teng Foo

Hsiao Teng Foo was born in Taiwan, City of Dong Gang in Ping Tung County. He currently teaches in National Taichung Institute of Technology, as a lecturer majoring in Chinese Studies.He often travels and participated in academic seminars, dialogues from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Professor Hsiao has published 36 kinds of books and over 200 theses.

Lecturer - Prof. Barbara Hendrischke

Prof.Barbara Hendrischkeis a Senior Researcher in the School of Modern Languages at the University of New South Wales. She is the author of Wen-tzu(《文子》): Ein Beitrag zur Problematik und zum Verständnis eines taoistischen Textes, and Taiping jing(《太平经》):  The Origin and Transmission of the 'Scripture on General Welfare'--The history of an unofficial text.Teaching Subjects: Western research on Taoism

Lecturer - Prof.Livia Kohn

Livia Kohn, Ph. D., graduated from Bonn University, Germany, in 1980. After six years at Kyoto University in Japan, she joined Boston University as Professor of Religion and East Asian Studies. She has also worked variously as visiting professor and adjunct faculty at Eötvös Lorand University in Budapest, the Stanford Center for Japanese Studies in Kyoto, Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio, and San Francisco State University. Her specialty is the study of the Daoist religion and Chinese long life practices. She has written and edited thirty books, as well as numerous articles and reviews. She has served on numerous committees and editorial boards, and organized a series of major international conferences on Daoism. She retired from active teaching in 2006 and now lives in Florida, from where she runs various workshops and conferences, and serves as the executive editor of the Journal of Daoist Studies.

Lecturer - Prof. Wang YiE

Professor Wang Yi E is the deputy director and researcher of the research office of Chinese Taoism Association.  She is the deputy chief editor of Chinese Taoism, and a professor in the Chinese Taoism College. Her main publications include Taoism and Arts,  History of Taoism Arts, Chinese Taoism, Overview of Chinese Religion, Introduction to Chinese Ancient Study and etc. She published many papers, e.g. The Arts Philosophy of Zhuang Zi, The Arts of Taoism Temple Architecture, The View of Lady of Taoism and etc. Teaching subject: Taoism Arts.  

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