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Scholar Consultant - Prof. Qing Xi Tai

Professor Qing Xitai was born in 1927 in Santai town, Sichuan province. He graduated with a law degree from Sichuan University in 1951. He earned his master degree in philosophy from the department of philosophy of Chinese Renming University in 1954. With other leading members, Prof. Qing established the philosophy department in Sichuan University in 1959, and he was the vice dean and associated professor of the department. He set up the Religious Research Institute of Sichuan University in 1980, and he was the head of the institute, professor and advisor to PhD students then. He is the outstanding professor in Arts in Sichuan University. Prof. Qing has authored and chief-edited many books, journals and magazines, e.g. Chinese Taoism, Simplified Chinese Taoism History, Introduction to Chinese and Foreign Religions, Taoism Culture and Modern Social Life and etc. Several of his books have been translated to many other languages. Prof Qing has more than one hundred papers published on various academic publications. He advised more than ten PhD and master students, including some are from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Prof Qing has been invited to visit and give talks in Japan, Canada, USA, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, and Chinese Hong Kong and Taiwan regions. Since 1991, Prof Qing is awarded with the special allowance from the General Office of the State Council, and he has been given the title of the Outstanding Teacher in Sichuan Province, the Excellent Advisor to PhD Student, and the Model Worker of Chengdu City.

Scholar Consultant - Professor Chen Guying

Prof Chen is born in 1935 in Changting, Fujian province, China. He graduated from the department of philosophy and research institute of philosophy of Taiwan University. Prof Chen was teaching in both Taiwan University and Beijing University. He is currently the distinguished scholar in the Advanced Research Institute of Humanities and Societies of Taiwan University. At the same time, he is also serving as a guest professor in the department of philosophy in Beijing University. He authored many books, e.g. “The Tragic Philosopher Nietzsche”, “New Concept of Nietzsche”, “Simple Introduction to Zhuangzi”, “Contemporary Annotations, Translation, and Evaluation of Lao Tze”, “Contemporary Annotations and Translation of Zhuangzi”, “Contemporary Annotations and Translation of the Four Classics of Huangdi”, “New Concept of Lao Tze and Zhuangzi”, “Yi Zhuan and Daoism”, “Dao Jia Yi Xue Jian Gou”, “Transcription of the Four Chapters of Guangzi”, “The New Portrait of Jessus”, “Forum” and etc.

Scholar Consultant - Prof. Chen Yao Ting

Professor Chen Yaoting is born in Shanghai, China in 1939. He graduated from the department of Chinese of Beijing University. Prof Chen was researcher, vice head and head of the Religious Research Institute of Shanghai Social Science Institute. He was a director of Shanghai Religious Academic Association and a committee member of Shanghai Social Science Union. Prof Chen is currently living in Australia. He co-authored and edited “Selected Classics of Daoism Archives” (10 volumes), and “Daoism Books Not-within Daoism Archives” (36 volumes). He edited “Daoism Rites” (HK Edition), and authored “Daoism Rites”, “Chinese Daoism”, “Daoism in Overseas”. Prof Chen also co-authored “Chinese Daoism” (4 volumes), “Taoist Healthy Preservation”, and “Tao, Immortal and Human Being”. He published several papers, e.g. “About Religious System”, “The Structure of Daoism Doctrine and Thoughts” and etc. Prof Chen has visited Europe, America, South East Asia, Chinese Hongkong, Taiwan and etc. He worked in Kyoto University and Tokyo University in Japan as a researcher for a long time.

Scholar Consultant - Prof. Zhang Qin

Professor Zhang Qin is a PhD in philosophy, advisor to PhD candidates and the assistant director of Daoism & Religious Culture Research Institute in Sichuan University. He is also heading the Taoist Healthy Perseveration Research Center. Prof Zhang is a director of China Religious Study Association, and an executive director of Chengdu Daoism Association. He has been invited to visit and give talks in many colleges and universities in numerous countries and regions like Germany, France, Netherland, Singapore, Turkey, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau and etc. His main research includes Chinese Daoism, Healthy Preservation and Religious Psychology. He has headed almost 10 major state-level research topics and various other research topics. Prof Zhang has published two books and more than 40 papers. He isn’t only a theorist, but also a practitioner in the area of daoist healthy preservation. He has over 20 years of practical experience on Taichi Fist and Qigong.

Scholar Consultant - Dr. Ning Ngui Ngi

Dr. Ning Ngui Ngi graduated with BBA (bachelor of arts, first-class honors) from the department of Chinese of Nanyang University. He earned his master of arts from the Asian Culture Research Institute of Nanyang University, and PhD in Philosophy from the National University of Singapore. He was a visiting professor to the department of philosophy of Xia Men University in China. He has been teaching in various colleges and universities, e.g. the department of Chinese of NUS, the department of Chinese of SIM, the department of Chinese of Ngee Ann Polytechnic, the Daoist College Singapore, the department of Chinese of the Southern College in Malaysia, the department of Chinese of Han Chiang College (Malaysia). He teaches History of Chinese Philosophy, History of Chinese Culture, Han Feizi, Concept of Confucianism, Daoism and Legalism, Zuo Zhuan, Selective Readings of All Classics, Guided Reading of Ancient Books and etc. He authored the book of “The Harmony of Confucianism and Legalism: The Historical Exploration of The Concepts of Han Feizi”. He edited several journals, e.g. “Folk Culture and Religious Belief”, “Chenhuang Belief”, and “A New Cult: The Confucianism in South East Asia”. His researches include the Concept of Confucianism, Daoism and Legalism in early Qin Dynasty, Daoism and folk belief and the classic and popular education of Confucianism.