Upcoming Long-term Taoist Cultural Course Series is open

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Upcoming Long-term Taoist Cultural Course Series is open

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Taoist Cultural Course Series:
Taoist History and Ideology (From Pre-Han to Song Dynasty)
Speaker: Prof. Stephen R. Bokenkamp

Date: 4 June, 5 June, 7 June, 8 June, 9 June; 11 Juen, 12 June, 14 June, 15 June, 16 June

Time: 7:30pm – 10:00pm

Venue: Taoist College Singapore (San Qing Gong Level 2),21, Bedok North Ave 4 Singapore 489948

Fee: S$100/person


 Certificates of participation will only be issued to students present for at least 75% of the lectures. Kindly sign at the registration counter before every lecture to indicate your attendance.All certificates will only be issued during the Graduation Ceremony.Students should comply with all rules and regulations of the College. Students who fail to comply will not be awarded certificate.
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